Episode 9: Recuperative Holiday Schemes for Children after WWII, Guest: Lorraine McEvoy

For the 9th episode of "Transit," Franziska Lamp interviewed PhD candidate Lorraine McEvoy about her research on recuperative holiday schemes for children in the immediate post-war period. McEvoy discusses the motivations behind these relief programs for children who survived World War II, as well as her involvement with the Museum of Childhood Ireland (Músaem Óige na hÉireann).

Redaktion: Franziska Maria Lamp
Produktion: Magdalena Ragl & Franziska Maria Lamp

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Here you can listen to the episode with Lorraine McEvoy

Lorraine McEvoy is a PhD scholar researching at Trinity College Dublin where she has been funded by Trinity’s Ussher Fellowship and the Irish Research Council. Her PhD focuses on temporary transnational hospitality schemes, or recuperative holidays, for children in the immediate post-WWII period. She is also a member of the History Team at the Museum of Childhood Ireland. In the first half of 2023 she was a junior research fellow at the NIOD The Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.