Episode 8: Diaspora, Now and Then: Historicising Ideas about Jewish Belonging

In the eighth episode of "Transit", Franziska Lamp talks with Sarah Cramsey about her understanding as a historian as well as about her book Uprooting the Diaspora. Jewish Belonging and the "Ethnic Revolution" in Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1936-1946. By analyzing a wide range of archival sources, Uprooting the Diaspora examines how ideas of Jewish belonging changed over time and discusses the role of key figures in the Polish and Czech governments-in-exile and in organizations such as the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) and the World Jewish Congress in this process.

Redaktion: Franziska Maria Lamp
Produktion: Magdalena Ragl & Franziska Maria Lamp

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Here you can listen to the episode with Sarah Cramsey

Sarah Cramsey

Sarah Cramsey is Professor by Special Appointment for the History of Central Europe, Migration and Diaspora and Assistant Professor of Judaism & Diaspora Studies at Leiden University as well as Director of the Austria Centre Leiden. Her research is dedicated to the history of the Jewish diaspora in modern east central Europe and the history of the global Jewish experience. In March 2023, she published her book titled “Uprooting the Diaspora. Jewish Belonging and the ‘Ethnic Revolution’ in Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1936–1946” with Indiana University Press.