5th Episode with Ismee Tames

On statelessness and the history of the "Nansenists"


In the fifth episode of this podcast series Franziska Maria Lamp speaks with Ismee Tames about the problems faced by stateless people and past approaches to improve their situation. Besides taking a closer look at the evolvement of the Nansen Passports in the interwar period and the work of the Nansen delegates all around the world, this episode is also about the struggles stateless people faced in the past - and continue to face today.

Redaktion: Franziska Maria Lamp & Philipp Strobl
Produktion: Franziska Maria Lamp

Musik verwendet von: https://gemafreie-musik-online.de

Here you can listen to the episode with Ismee Tames

Ismee Tames is a senior researcher at the NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam. She also holds the ARQ/Stichting1940-1945 Chair in the History of Resistance to War and Persecution at the University of Utrecht.

Her research explores how people make sense of their world in the face of extreme experiences such as war, persecution and forced migration. Her current project is on the stateless people who emerged from the wreckage of the First World War and how they navigated their situation during the interwar period, the Second World War and beyond into the Cold War and decolonisation era.

Her latest book (with Maartje Abbenhuis) is: Global War, Global Catastrophe: Neutrals, Belligerents and the Transformations of the First World War (Bloomsbury Press, 2021).